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10 top tips for planning your corporate event

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10 top tips for planning your corporate event

When it comes to planning any event, especially corporate ones, there are a few key things to think about from the outset that will mean that everything will go smoothly.

  1. Date of event – check bank holidays, school holidays and any big sporting events
  2. Time of event – for a corporate event, two hours is usually a good guide
  3. Location of event – consider accessibility and parking, security, seek references and testimonials
  4. Event team – who is coordinating, who is the project sponsor, do you need an events company for staging, lighting, AV and sound systems etc, flowers, what about food and catering – drinks and canapés, buffet, or something completely different!
  5. Target audience – who are your guests, where is the guest list/data coming from – how good is it?
  6. Message – what do you want to say to the guests and what do you want them to know/do
  7. Objectives – be clear about what you want to gain with your event
  8. Description of event – what is it, in the simplest sense
  9. Risk assessment – what – identify possible risks and develop strategies to minimise risks. Also check Display Energy Certificate (DEC) – find out about a public building’s energy use and carbon emissions
  10. Established evaluation criteria – especially with corporate events these are useful so after the event you can look at return on investment

For example, these can include:
– What were our aims/objectives?
– Did we achieve what we set out to do?
– Did it come in on budget?
– What were the intended/unintended outcomes?
– How do we measure effectiveness?
– What tools do we use to measure our success?

Lastly, when hosting a corporate event, to make sure that yours is memorable, it’s always best to think about surprising and delighting your guests so that they leave feeling nurtured and special. Think about doing something personal for each guest on arrival, or wowing them with innovative technology or a first class presentation or video, or providing a goody bag with bespoke items to hand out as people leave.

The main thing is to prepare and plan, and think about choosing a venue that allows you to have stand out so that your event is impressive and meets the objectives you set out from the start.

Here at The Sadler Venue we host many corporate events because we have a unique venue that can be dressed in your brand or event style, a super team that is here to support you from start to finish, and not to mention lots of parking.

Get in touch to find out how The Sadler Venue would be great for your event.

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